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Sarasota Pediatricians Physical Exams Expect

What should you expect at your physical exam appointment?

Physical ExamA Physical exam is to make sure you are healthy and to learn more about your body. Our office recommends a schedule of well baby checkups. Once your child turns two you should come in for a physical exam once a year.

The nurse or medical assistant will call the patient, your child, out of the waiting room. You will be escorted to the scale to obtain your weight and height. You will then be taken to an exam room, where you will be asked questions regarding your medical history. A heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate and blood pressure will be obtained by the nurse. The nurse will give the parent multiple forms to be filled out. A hearing and vision test may be performed. If your child had a hearing or vision exam at school or went to a specialist office, please inform the nurse at this time.

Child and NursePLEASE NOTE: It is possible that your insurance may consider vision and hearing tests to be an uncovered service or apply the charges to deductible.

Parents: If you need forms for school, daycare, etc…, please inform the nurse before they leave the room. This is a huge time saver for everyone! Examples of forms that may be needed: Physical forms (yellow form), shot record (blue form), or an authorization form to allow medications to be given at school.

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