WE OFFER CONVENIENT HOURS:  For busy parents!  We have evening and weekend appointments to help you get the help you need when its convenient for you.  And in emergencies we’re available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  A helping hand is always there when you need it.


MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY                             8 a.m. to 12 noon and  1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

SATURDAYS                                                          9 a.m. to noon

SUNDAYS                                                              by special appointment

CLOSED ON HOLIDAYS:  New Years Day, Memorial Day, July Fourth, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day.

APPOINTMENTS:  Our patients are seen by appointment only.  The 8 a.m.  to 9 a.m. hour is set aside each morning for sick children who are our patients without appointment; other “walk-ins” will be accommodated as schedule and circumstances permit later in the day.  If you are unable to come in for your appointment time, please CALL IN ADVANCE to cancel and reschedule so that we may offer this time slot to another patient.

We WELCOME out-of-state visitors and try to accommodate our patient’s busy schedules.  Very ill patients will be given priority and may be seen out of order so if this causes an extended wait time please let the receptionist know if you need to reschedule.  Our reception has a separate area designated for Well Children to reduce the spread of contagious illnesses.  Please ring the doorbell if your child has a rash and our Receptionist will direct you to a room.  We appreciate parental supervision of children in the Game area.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING:  You may wish to see the same medical care provider each time or get to meet all of us – the choice is yours.  We are looking forward to getting to know your children!  We promise to be very FLEXIBLE in scheduling so that your child will be seen same day for ill visits.  Please call as early as possible in the day to arrange this.  Patients who have been ill during the night may come in without appointment to be seen first hour in the morning.